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Essential Equipments for Weaning

Now that your little one is ready to start weaning, make life as easy as possible by having the right equipment for you and your baby. We’ve got the ultimate checklist to get your weaning journey underway. You’ll need some things to help you prepare your baby’s meals and also store in the freezer.

Highchair or booster seat

You should start weaning your baby once he is able to support his own head and is able to sit up; this is around the 6-month. However, at this age, he will need the security and stability of a highchair. You should plan to use a highchair when you first start weaning your baby as it is sturdier and is often padded, making it more comfortable for your little one. A highchair often comes with a five-point harness which makes this the safest option. Once your baby is a bit older and can support himself better as well as eat more independently, a booster seat is a good choice. For starters, a booster seat is portable so it’s great to use when you are on the move and especially so when you are on holiday, so you can pack it easily in your luggage. Most parents end up having both, but a good highchair is essential.

Weaning must-haves

A blender – If you are feeding purees to start with, you’ll need a blender. A blender will do the job. If you are not keen on buying a blender, you can always mash food or pass it through a sieve.

Spoons and bowls – Whether you are feeding him purees or giving baby-led weaning a try, you’ll need some good weaning spoons to help your little one get used to idea of feeding himself. He’ll also need his own sturdy bowl which is bound to end up on the floor at some point! Bowls with lids are also useful specially when you are out and about or to store food in the freezer.

A cup or beaker – Now is a good time to get your baby used to drinking from a cup or beaker so invest in a cup that won’t hurt his teeth or gums and one with a lid that allows liquid to flow freely.

Splash mats – You don’t need us to tell you how messy weaning can be. Whether you are using purees or not, you will need splash mats to save on the inevitable cleaning.

Our Best Picks in Weaning:

High Chairs:


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East Coast Nursery Wooden Contoru Multiheight High Chair-Natur

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Caretero Pop Blue 


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Spoons and bowls:



Doddl Cutlery set

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My First Pyrex (6pk)

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Fred Snack & Stack Cutlery

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Cup or beaker:


MAM Starter Cup 4+ months Pink

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MAMStarter Cup 4+ months Blue

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Splash mats:

Munchkin Protect

Price: £15.99



Pipsy Koala Highchair Splash Mat

Price: £12.49 

Posted by YummyMotherhood on 08 February 2018 00:00

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